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Education At CFP From Start To Finish

High School Program:

Finally, the students move into high school and begin to earnestly prepare for college. . .
Our high school teachers approach students with the same Montessori philosophy that all of our grade level teachers embrace.  These teachers diligently prepare lessons that embrace all learning modalities, while preparing students to be successful in any university.


In English, the teachers still provide instruction in grammar and vocabulary, but they place the greatest emphasis on analyzing literature and on writing.  Students have the opportunity to take honors or AP courses on campus; they may also participate in dual enrollment classes at our local college.  Past graduates have returned to CFP to report that they effortlessly sailed through their university English classes as a result of the instruction they received with us.


Our math courses give students practice in all of the higher level math courses.  We offer Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.  Additionally, we offer a Discrete Math course that affords our students a final opportunity to hone their SAT and ACT math skills.  This unique approach to math prepares our students to exceed the minimum Florida requirements for university admission.


Our science and social studies classes are taught by teachers who work to develop the critical thinking skills of their students.  Our science course offerings include: Biology, Zoology, Marine Science, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Environmental Science.  Our social studies course offerings include: World History, American History, American Government, Economics, Psychology, Ethics, and Anthropology.  The expectations in these courses mirror those at the college level, which more than adequately prepares our students for success in a university.


All of our high school graduates are accepted to the colleges and universities of their choice.  However, graduates who began Central Florida Preparatory School as Montessori students and moved up through our grades have many advantages.  Those students all qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.  These same “career” students also graduate CFP with a high school diploma AND at least one year of college credits.  More importantly, those students who spend their entire school experience with us graduate as life-long learners who have a great deal of self-confidence and who recognize that each person is a worthy individual.

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