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Middle School Program:

Our Montessori and elementary teachers work as a vertical team to prepare our students for middle school where . . .
Our teachers continue to maintain the Montessori philosophy while preparing their students to be successful learners in a traditional setting.  These teachers team together with high school teachers to ensure that they are working to vertically prepare students for the demanding honors and AP classes in high school.  The middle school teachers incorporate the latest technology available into their curriculum to prepare students to be effective twenty-first century learners.


At Central Florida Preparatory School, we believe that recognizing the individuality of students and affording them the opportunity to have small classes enables them to be successful.  In middle school, our teachers know all of their students well.  They are able to tailor lessons to build upon the individual strengths of students and to address any areas of difficulty in learning.


In Language Arts, the teachers teach students how to read and analyze literature; they also teach them how to effectively write about their analysis.  These skills are critical to student success in AP classes (Advanced Placement) and in college.  By beginning the in-depth instruction of these skills in middle school, our students are adept at them by high school.  Our middle school language arts program also incorporates intensive grammar and writing instruction to best prepare our students for the all important SAT and ACT tests they will take in high school.


In math, our middle school teachers continue to work to the individual level of each student.  Some students need a grade level math to be successful; others are ready to move ahead.  Therefore, some middle school students are on grade level practicing their arithmetic and pre-algebra, while other students are moving ahead into Algebra I and higher.  This opportunity for advancement provides students with a chance to earn high school credit in middle school.


Social studies and science classes in our middle school are also taught by teachers who strive to vertically align students for success in the honors, AP, and dual enrollment classes they may take in high school.  These subjects require much more individual work in middle school than they did in elementary school.  The teachers prepare them well.  Our students not only excel in high school, but also excel in Science Fair each year and usually place at the county level fair.

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