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Technology in the Classroom

Be apart of the future at Central Florida Prep
Online gaming, online chatting and online TV – all are trends of this generation. It’s difficult to keep even the youngest child off of some electronic devices. So what can we do to focus young minds on education rather than games?
Many educators believe that marrying technology and education is the key. A digital learning platform is possibly the best solution, allowing educators to transform the distraction of technology into a tool for future scholars.
In this new paradigm, students continue to learn via class lectures, and yes.. they still use paper and pencil. Technology is used to provide interactive and teacher customized content to aid in lesson delivery and assignments. Imagine, online tutoring of complex lessons, video presentations of scientific materials and the use of voice recognition technology to assist in teaching foreign languages.
With digital courseware… no more textbooks! Coursework is web accessible, along with student planners and progress reports. Now parents can check on their children’s progress at any time. As an added bonus, students’ “online time” is educational!
Combining instruction with technology is the future of education. Blended learning environments provide the digital technology students crave and a best in class education that parents’ desire.

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